Wanted to give you Buick guys an FYI: I have ported quite a few Edelbrock heads and have been generally pleased with the product and results. Thru this process, recently a potential issue has come to my attention with the Edelbrock aluminum heads. The Buick 455 block has an oil passage that is located on the block deck surface near the #1 cylinder bore. This passage goes down to the front cam bearing. On 455 Buicks this passage is not needed and serves no functional purpose. (Originally on the 400/430 blocks, this oil passage was used to oil the rocker shafts, but the 455 oils the rocker arms via the pushrods.) Unfortunately, depending on the head gasket used and casting coverage in that area, some of the current Edelbrock heads do not completely seal off this oil galley and it can leak/bleed-off an amount of oil back into the engines crankcase. Edelbrock has been made aware of this situation and they are correcting future cylinder heads.

Line up your head gasket with the head casting before installation and check for any leakage issues. I advise, just to be safe: The oil passage galley (located on the blocks deck surface near the #1 cylinder bore) needs to be blocked off. This will eliminate any potential issues.

I was recently at a trade show and talked to one of Edelbrocks VPs of sales. It was nice to put a face and handshake with a name I have corresponded to many times via email & phone. I asked if there was any interest in making a dual plane RPM air-gap type intake. Still being early in the process of releasing the Buick heads, they wanted to get a better feel for demand, but so far they were pleased with initial response. I was pleased to see that Edelbrock thought enough of the Buick head to have it on display with 6 or 8 other heads from their lineup.